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Gas Processing

Aspro Petra Energy offers services covering several aspects of Natural Gas ranging from design and installation of modular gas treating and processing facilities to gas master planning and evaluation of gas monetization options

Natural Gas Purification and Processing

Just as the air we breathe comprises of oxygen and other elements and compounds, natural gas comes with other constituents that need to be treated, filtered, purified and processed for fit for purpose use.

Aspro Petra alone, and in conjunction with their technical and business partners offer solutions for treatment, purification and processing of natural gas be it associated or non-associated gas,

The need for the treatment, purification and processing of gas is necessary as the impurities can cause degradation of process chemicals, degradation of performance of system over time and reducing the capacity and efficiency of gas plants, corrosion of pipelines, reduction in the BTU value of gasd as well as making gas unmarketable and un-transportable etc.

Aspro Petra’s solutions to the treatment, purification and processing of gas include:

  • • LNG Pre-Treatment
  • • Amine Treatment – Co2, H2S
  • • Membrane Facilities Treatment – CO2
  • • Scavenging - H2S, O2
  • • Mole Sieve Dehydration
  • • Helium Purification
  • • Mercury Removal
  • • Oxygen Removal
  • • Arsenic Removal
  • • Carbon Dioxide Removal

Natural Gas Monetisation Services

Aspro Petra Energy offers gas monetisation services to clients based on the specific studies with respect to the gas monetisation technique to be used. In this regard, Aspro Petra Energy offers the following gas monetisation strategies to clients:

  • • Gas to Power Solutions
  • • Gas to Liquid
  • • Mini LNG
  • • CNG
  • • LPG

Natural Gas Metering

Aspro Petra provides Natural Gas Metering solutions (Pressure Reduction Metering Station (PRMS)) for clients based on their needs. The Pressure Reduction Metering Station (PRMS) can be deployed as stand-alone or embedded in Clients Facilities to help clients (sellers and buyers) and regulators arrive at a balance on gas supplied or purchased.

Natural Gas Facilities Construction

Aspro Petra Energy offers building, fabrication and construction solutions for, small, medium and large scale operating gas facilities be it on land, swamp or offshore areas.

Natural Gas Dispensing Stations

Aspro Petra Energy Provides dispensing stations for LPG and CNG. The dispensing stations can either be mobile units or stationary units depending on the clients’ problem and Aspro Petra’s solutions.